Money-making Strategies in Social Media

Money-making Strategies in Social Media

Wouldn’t it be fun to earn dollars just by posting a picture of a cat wearing a propeller hat while skateboarding?

What if a news company like Mashable earns money from web quotas like page views? That could be possible if they will post a fascinating cat picture on Facebook leads 50,000 people to their site. Then, the cat photo is money-making indeed.

Online businesses struggle to compete with one another especially the small ones like Any Size Basket. A picture of a basket is not enough to catch attention. But if that picture will be changed into a cat on a ski-basket gliding down a mountain, it will surely spark conversations on social media sites.

Can you sell sponsored media? Do you have an idea how much each sponsored tweet costs on The Next Web? They rank high in the Alexa traffic which is 1,058 in the US making them quite pricey. A good guess is 5 bucks because each tweet gets about 150-250 retweets.

You can also buy hundreds of irrelevant retweets from Fiverr but there’s no guarantee that you can reach your target audience.

Next Web charges $3,500 for that irrelevant exposure. The value is just insane and unbelievable.

The efforts of a social media marketer

Before, the goal of social media marketers was to boost online traffic. But now the final goal is to boost sales and see those dollar figures skyrocket before you can be called a social media marketing expert.

Every business owner expects profits and there are many factors that can influence the decision of a customer before buying what you are selling. Consumers do their research online and social media sites are the most frequently visited ones. Social media marketer can help you obtain a great reputation even if you’ve had a bad press before.

Cost efficient marketing tools

Signing in to social media sites is free. You can make a fan page to promote your business.Video marketing is also one of the best strategies; you can promote your business through uploading videos. To make you video more visible to people ideas where to buy real YouTube views is very important you can get many views out from it that will make your video go viral.  Aside from that, companies can pay you for ads that they will put on your page. In a few cases, big businesses can buy your company.

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Making Money with Social Media

Making Money with Social Media

Free Social Profit Formula videos were released by Don Crowther weeks ago. All three videos are now available and you don’t have to pay for anything, Don will change your mind set about social media. He answers the three most frequently asked questions in these videos.

Don is a social media marketing expert and he gives you proof of his work by showing you actual figures from real businesses. You need to have a winning strategy to make your business a success.

Business relationships

Business is business and you need to be serious about it.  Find creative ways on how to connect with your customers in such a way that it will lead to sales. Your marketing messages must be congruent with the concept you have in mind and the content should be valuable. Unrelated topics like sharing what you ate this breakfast, then the plot of the last book you read or movie you saw, and then promoting your product is not effective at all. You are sending out mixed messages that consumers find confusing and lame.

Social media accounts for businesses

A fan page is different from a personal page. You are given these options the moment you signed in so learn to use it properly. Aside from social networks checking on your account (meaning it can be shut down for improper use), you should use a fan page for your business so you don’t confuse readers as to where they should subscribe.

Surprising discoveries

Social brings you friends that can become your actual customers. The videos will show you an incredible map of all social media types and the best sites in each category. Don gives you an idea on the best site that requires minimal effort to promote you business. The second video will give you an idea why infusing short videos becomes more compelling.

Integrating the importance of various social media sites increases your leverage on content product in multiple channels. This can give you more traffic and make your business more visible.

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50 Tips to Make Money at Home or Online

Make Money at Home or Online

Making money online is an enticing proposition. It may be challenging at first but don’t be afraid to venture into this because you can market everything from product to service.  You can also find ways to cut down on your expenses.

  1. Refinance your mortgage especially now that interest rates are very low.
  2. Get the best deal from you cable, phone or internet providers. Ask for freebies or discounted fees especially if you’ve been a loyal customer. You can opt for other providers who can give a better deal.
  3. Cable might be more costly compared to online providers like Netflix or Hulu Plus.
  4. Get the best rewards from you credit cards. It is inevitable that you will use your card to purchase a lot of things including groceries, clothes and as. The NerdWallet credit card tool will give you recommendations based on your spending routine.
  5. Investing wisely can start at an early age. You can venture into active funds or index funds.
  6. End those never ending interests by paying your debts right away.
  7. Measure your credit score for free and improve it so you can get loans at a lower interest rate.
  8. Take advantage of tax loopholes and exceptions.
  9. Discovers your chances of getting reward points or cash back whenever you shop.
  10. Do a price match, claim your rebates and use coupons to save.
  11. Ask your employer about flexible savings account.
  12. Max out your IRA and 401 (k) per year to get tax benefit.
  13. Request for a salary increase.
  14. Earn by disposing your trash through a garage sale.
  15. Find potential money-earning goodies in your home like antiques and collectible.
  16. Find a flea market online and sell items that you repaired and redecorated.
  17. Get rid of old gadgets especially mobile phone while it still ahs value.
  18.  Sell your empty cartridges to office supply stores.
  19. Rent out underused spots in our home like garage.
  20. Find a housemate who can occupy the spare room.
  21. Rent out your car during weekends or holidays or whenever you are not using it. Try Getaround or RelayRides that lets you rent out your car by the hour.
  22. Hobbies like crocheting, embroidery or jewelry-making can earn you dollars especially when you sell them on
  23. Venture into freelance writing by checking sites like eHow and Livestrong.
  24. Find a skilled freelance gig in sites like
  25. Are you into cooking? Go for small-scale catering or baking but make sure you adhere to laws food safety,
  26. Do you have those hawk eyes that can quickly scan great deals on trips? Turn your talent into money by becoming a travel agent.
  27. Bartending can be a part-time job on weekends or holidays.
  28. Tutoring can earn you bucks especially if you will join companies like Kaplan or Princeton Review.
  29. If you have that marketing talent, sell it to marketing companies.
  30. Review products and get paid,
  31. Sell your unique photos.
  32. Resell food like college students who sell pizza to their roommates.
  33. Get money from referrals.
  34. Join paid surveys online.
  35. Babysit for your neighbors or register to sitter search website.
  36. Know how to pet-sit.
  37. Do house-sitting.
  38. Participate in clinical research.
  39. Get a spot in a future marketing research.
  40.  Transform yourself into a tour guide during your free time.
  41. Find seasonal work like lifeguarding,
  42. Be a part-time care taker to your community especially to the elderly.
  43.  Hosting a foreign exchange student is not only great for your budget but also for your cultural enrichment.
  44. Data entry jobs can be done by telecommuting.
  45. Be an on-site manage for apartment building near you town.
  46. Offer landscape and gardening services.
  47. Donate body fluids like plasma, blood or even sperm.
  48. Sign up in sites that pay your feedback as a mystery shopper.
  49. Services like Amazon Mechanical Turk can connect businesses with other people.
  50. Become a part-time driver in cab companies like Sidecar, Flightcar and Lyft.


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10 Smart Ways to Earn While at Home


10 Smart Ways to Earn While at Home
The Internet paved the way to making money from home at your own pace. Home-based careers are not scams like what most people think. There are plenty of ways to make money without leaving your home.

How to Make Money from Home 

  • Freelance writing

If you are creative, freelancing may just be the perfect job for you. Some websites that can help you kick-start your freelancing career are Odesk, Article Teller and eLance. You can also create your own blog and sell ad space.

  • Online fitness guru

Are you a fitness freak who wants to be a guru? Video chatting are the best tools for you including Skype and, Tango. You can also post your exercise routines on video platforms like YouTube.

  • Sell art

Do you have that artist in you?  You can make money by selling art pieces or customizing products and sell them in sites like

  • Run your own retail store

Shoppers now go online instead of going to actual stores because it is cheap and convenient. Online businesses claim that their online shops reduced their overhead expenses which multiplied their income. Shopify can give you the tools you need to setup an online retail store.

  • Test products

Do you like enjoying the hottest and newest items in the market?  Product testing might just be the perfect one for you. Most companies are willing to pay people who can test and market their products. A few sties to look at are, and

  • Rent out spare room

If you have a spare room and you are open to idea of living with a stranger, this one might be a convenient way for you to earn. You can also rent out other spaces in your home like garage.

  • Telecommute is known for providing telecommuting jobs and they can give you part-time to casual position. They have helped about 200,000 people land jobs.

  • Online tutor

You can tech about anything you are great at like music, math, science, cooking, interior design, flower arrangement or even English as second language. Whatever talent or skill you have can be your source of income.

  • Online juror

You can earn just by sitting on mock juries. These are real cases and your verdict will be their basis as to what could possibly happen in real cases. Law firms or business companies are willing to pay you a fee for being an online juror.

  • Tailor

Clothing is a necessity and you can earn by tailoring clothes. Keep in mind that tailors fitted clothes cost more than ready to wear ones. You can also sew curtains, linens or chair cushions.


The internet gives you an endless list of options to make money while in the comfort of your home. No need to spend on your transportation and you get to avoid that chaotic traffic in the morning and afternoon.


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10 Easy Tips to Earn Money on Social Media

10 Easy Tips to Earn Money on Social Media

Earning from social media sounds elusive but it isn’t. Getting dollar from social media is fairly easy especially with the help of Ideas and Pixels. You can infuse different tools into your online marketing campaign.

  • Be unique and stand out

Social media is an innovation so you can’t use your old school strategies here because they are entirely different. These sites are designed for socializing so make the experience as pleasant as possible. Have fun like a real person by sharing humorous stories

  • Be polite and never interrupt

Know social media etiquette. Be polite and join the fun. Socializing doesn’t mean you should be the center of attention. Join the fun.

  •  Leave  good impression

Share something interesting that people will find interesting. These helpful people can even help you out like a writer who asked others to give them feedback or edit his draft. The writer gave the readers a good deal by promising that he will those who contributed something a PDF copy of the book when it’s finished.

  • Follow target consumers

If you are no longer getting the high web traffic in your page, you might opt for other channels that will lead them back to your page using social media. You can put links or share buttons on your posts in social media because these are the most frequented sites of your target consumers.

  • Establish trust

When you break your customer’s trust, your business is in trouble. Social media marketer can transform your dilemma to success.

  • Active engagement

You should actively engage in social media sites before you can compel your readers to get involved with you.

  • Build a community

Show concern to other people by giving them excellent customer service even when you have to go an extra mile just to please them. They will gladly repay you with a good review.

  • Value others

You don’t just blurt out promotions because the key point is to socialize. Find ways on how you can use the valuable information you get from other social media users to improve your business.

  • Endless planning

Planning is never finished. Something comes up, you need make changes on your old plans or make new ones. Keep in mind that you need to cope up with the demands of your potential clients.

  • Measure results

Know if your efforts are working out by measuring the online traffic and checking on your sales. There are plenty of tools you can use out there and sometimes they are free.

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